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Building Bonds, Empowering Communities, Improving Lives


To engage collaboration between Indonesian students, local NGOs and partner organizations in a joint community service project.

To identify socio-economic problems through a sharing of experience and ideate measures to mitigate these problems.

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To take active roles in promoting sustainable support to increase the standards of living.



Misi Kami Peduli (Mission: We Care) projects focus on three key pillars: Education, Community Empowerment and Technology to alleviate the socio-economic challenges in the local communities. These three pillars are enclosed by the spirit of sustainability and local community engagement to ensure an inclusive and beneficial development in the long run. We hope to realize our Vision and Mission by aligning our projects with these core values.





Misi Kami Peduli aims to assist local communities reach economic and social independence.

Misi Kami Peduli hopes to inspire young generations through inculcating life values and knowledge for local communities.

Misi Kami Peduli harnesses the power of technology for rural development.

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