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MKP 2021 Focus

Misi Kami Peduli (MKP) is back with a brand new focus for this academic year! To adapt to the current pandemic situation, MKP 2021 is focusing on engaging Indonesian communities in Singapore through our collaboration with Suara Kita, an Indonesian migrant worker community under the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME).


Currently, Indonesian domestic workers face many vulnerabilities during their work time here in Singapore because of the lack of information available and their behaviour of “sungkan dan malu bertanya”. Many are unaware of the relevant administrative procedures on applying for work as foreign domestic workers in Singapore, which often force them to apply through maid agencies and have their salary cut by up to 9 months. When they arrive in Singapore, many experience culture shock because of how little they know about Singapore and the families they are working for. Many are also unfamiliar with their rights as domestic workers including salary, rest or off days, medical care, meal and sleep arrangements among many others. 


So, information is key. Information can prevent many workers from falling into problems like abuse, assaults and mental breakdown. Thus, one of the focus for MKP 2021 is to create an interactive and sustainable information platform in Bahasa Indonesia where domestic workers can access them in a few scrolls and taps away. The other focus will be on conducting engaging workshops and events to empower domestic workers with relevant skills and knowledge while also learning valuable lessons from them.


We are calling out to passionate individuals who are interested to learn more about domestic workers and inspire them with your expertise to join us! There are two roles open for MKP 2021:

  1. Content Production Specialist

    • Collaborate with other HOME facilitators to build the capacity of Tim Redaksi Suara Kita (a focused group of volunteers who will manage the portal) with essential technical skills to produce content, edit videos and others;

    • Provide guidance to this team in building the information portal of Suara Kita through Facebook or other engaging platforms suggested;

    • Preferably knowledgeable in the content creator scene or willing to learn about the different editing tools

  2. Training and Development Co-ordinator 

    • Work together with other members to lead, plan and execute interactive workshops on specific topics or skill sets;

    • Empower domestic workers with the skills taught to increase their confidence in achieving their social and economic independence;

    • Looking for those who are burning with ideas for the possible engagements and willing to share your knowledge with the domestic workers


The registration period is open from 6th September 2021 to 20th September 2021, 2359. Don’t miss it!


Thank you and if you have any questions or just want to find out more about MKP, feel free to chat with any of the MKP 2021 PDs! We are very happy to connect with all of you! Our contact information can be found here:

  • Hokiewan Thezeus (91758990)

  • Shania Kesuma (91366382)

Please proceed to the bottom of the page for registration!

MKP 2021 Members Registration

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